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Dementia Society of the Philippines Strategic Planning 2024

The Dementia Society of the Philippines (DSP) held its Annual Strategic Planning last February 4, 2023 in Pasig City. The planning started with an introductory ceremony where members were asked to introduce themselves especially to the new members. They were also asked to answer a random set of questions that can give a trivia about themselves. This ceremony was eventually followed by a series of discussions about the mission and vision of the society. The different strategic domains were carefully reviewed, evaluated, and improved. The different activities for the year 2024 and the upcoming years were also discussed, planned, and arranged. 

Brain Storming Session 1
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Brain Storming Session 3
Brain Storming Session 4
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Strategic Planning
Group Gathering 1
Brain Storming Session 2
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On June 5, 2002 the Dementia Study Group was formed with the objective of conducting monthly scientific meetings on issues concerning cognitive impairment and dementia.