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The 19th Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders VIRTUAL Annual Convention

The Dementia Society of the Philippines and its Allied Health Professionals just held its 19th Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Annual Convention ONLINE! It was held via ZOOM last October 15 and 16, 2021 where a number of experts in the field of dementia gathered together to talk about a variety of subjects, such as the treatment of dementia and mild cognitive impairment, the Philippine dementia care road plan, and the biopsychosocial implications of COVID-19 and its potential aftereffects. The symposium also covered the significance of diet in dementia and early Alzheimer’s disease detection.

The discussion on the clinical assessment of dementia using telemedicine and the neuropsychological evaluation during the COVID-19 epidemic were two of the event’s highlights. Through the COVID-19 lessons acquired, participants also learned how to address behavioral issues and cognitive decline in dementia.

The seminar also discussed emerging dementia care options such as web-based cognitive rehabilitation and telefeeding, which provides direction to families with dementia through patient-centric mealtimes. The audience also learned about a unique method for treating cognitive issues and how physical therapy for older adults was affected by the pandemic.

Dementia Society of the Philippines 19th Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Virtual Annual Convention

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On June 5, 2002 the Dementia Study Group was formed with the objective of conducting monthly scientific meetings on issues concerning cognitive impairment and dementia.