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Dementia Society of the Philippines


Welcome to the official website of the Dementia Society of the Philippines. This website was created in order to reach out to all physicians, allied specialists and lay people who have a special interest in dementia. All our activities and conferences can be accessed through this website.

The DSP hopes for you to be our partner in our endeavors in caring for individuals with dementia and in helping their caregivers.

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Preventing Dementia: AN UPDATE by Lydia T. Manahan, PhD, RN

Everyone wishes not to have dementia.  This might be quite possible because risk factors of dementia consist of non-modifiable and modifiable factors.  Among the non-modifiable factors are genes and old age.  Age is the strongest non-modifiable factor.  With the increasing life span of Filipinos, we cannot say that we can totally eradicate dementia but we might be able to reduce the risk of having dementia or delaying the occurrence of dementia if ever we have the two non-modifiable factors.

Dr. Simeon Marasigan (April 21, 1949 – April 12, 2020)

Dr. Simeon Marasigan, Founding President of the Dementia Society of the Philippines, passed away at the 12th day of April 2020.

Most Common Questions for Dementia Care in Times of Pandemics

The Dementia Society of the Philippines answered the Frequently Asked Questions about Dementia Care in Times of Pandemics. This will guide family members, caregivers, and relatives on how they can deal with problems or issues they encounter in times like this.

The Dementia Society of the Philippines is an interdisciplinary organisation of professionals for the care of persons with dementia and their families through:

Research and policy development

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On June 5, 2002 the Dementia Study Group was formed with the objective of conducting monthly scientific meetings on issues concerning cognitive impairment and dementia.